Fortnite Update 23.30 PATCH NOTES, Downtime, Dragon Ball Skins, Guitar

Fortnite fans are counting down to the release of the 23.30 update on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android. Fortnite update 23.30 has a release date of January 31 and a release time of 9am GMT in the UK. The patch is released in conjunction with a server downtime period, which begins when matchmaking is disabled at 8:30am. The news was announced by Epic Games on Twitter, along with a preview on what to expect.

“Prepare to power up in v23.30!” read a tweet from Fortnite. “Downtime begins at 4am ET, and matchmaking was disabled shortly before.”

As part of the 23.30 update, Epic Games will release a second crossover with the Dragon Ball series.

According to experts like Shiina, the Dragon Ball crossover will add Son Gohan and Piccolo skins to the game.

The new update will also see the progress of Rift Gate, as well as adding Boombox v2, which is believed to be a guitar.

“The guitar is supposed to be the Boombox v2,” Shiina tweets. “You have to hit the beat to do 75 damage to all buildings near you, and it has a beat of 3 beats per second.”

It goes without saying that new skins and items will be added to the item shop, along with the February Gear Pack.

The full list of update 23.30 patch notes can be seen below…

Fortnite Update 23.30 Patch Notes…

general arrangements

• Players cannot claim the Exile variation of the Mind’s Eye backlit accessory.

– Players cannot claim the Exile variation of the Mind’s Eye back bling

• The physics on Joni the Red’s coat no longer works.

– Joni the Red’s coat is not reacting to physics correctly.

• Battle Hound and Molten Battle Hound Helmet visually incorrect.

– The helmet of the Battle Hound and Molten Battle Hound suits appears from the side.

• Players get a blue lobby background

– Players get a blue lobby background instead of the correct one

• Bonus rewards ‘Prerequisite not met’ issue

– Please note that you must claim all rewards on the additional rewards page(s) before unlocking the rewards on the next page. For example, all the rewards on page 1 must be unlocked before moving to page 2.

Battle Royale Fixes

• Fall damage when sliding with the shockwave hammer

– We are aware of an issue that causes the player to take fall damage when sliding and using the Shockwave Hammer.

• You cannot get emotional after a Victory Royale

– Players cannot get emotional at the end of winning a match.

• Missing red dot when looking with red eye assault rifle

– Missing red dot in the center when aiming with the Red Eye Assault Rifle.

• The “Party Time” enhancement has been temporarily disabled.

– The “Party Time” buff has been temporarily disabled and we are working to bring it back once the issue is fixed.

• The “Shotgun Striker” augment is temporarily disabled.

– We have disabled the Shotgun Striker augment due to an issue, however it is still discoverable. We will provide another update when it has been re-enabled.

creative arrangements

• Wildlife takes fall damage with fall damage turned off.

– Wildlife will take fall damage even when the fall damage setting is turned off.

• Placing an accessory and switching to the pickaxe at the same time places an invisible accessory.

– Placing an accessory while pressing the hotkey to switch to pickaxe will place an invisible accessory.

• Players can build on mutator zone devices with “Allow Building” set to “No” in certain cases

– Players can build into mutator zone devices with “Allow Building” set to “No” after running, teleporting, grabbing, or anything that gets them into the zone quickly.

• Props attached to accessory manipulator devices can still be displayed in-game despite the device being disabled.

– The accessory manipulator device does not work as expected. Attached accessories can be displayed in-game even if the device is disabled.

• Sequencers do not always play correctly when set to infinite loop

– Sequencers don’t always play correctly when set to infinite loop, from time to time the sequencer won’t trigger music blocks correctly.

• Upon entering the menu, navigating the menu with a controller will return the cursor to the top of the menu.

– After pressing up on the analog/directional stick, moving the analog/directional stick in any direction will cause the cursor to move to the top of the menu.

Mobile and cloud solutions

• Battlepass button confirmation sound sometimes plays when pressing any initial button with tap

– Players may hear a random Battle Pass button sound when pressing other buttons

• The Falcon Scout continues to go up or down without pressing anything.

– If players leave the Falcon Scout while pressing the up or down button, the drone will continue in that direction as long as it is no longer controlled.

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