Fortnite Update 23.20 Patch Notes, Downtime, Falcon Scout Drone, More

Fortnite fans are counting down to the release of update 23.20 on PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android. The new Fortnite update has a release date of January 18 and a release time of 9am GMT in the UK. It will be accompanied by a server downtime period, which begins when matchmaking is disabled at 8:30am GMT. Only the second major update of the season, 23.20, is shaping up to be a big update.

In fact, according to a sneak peek posted by Epic Games on Twitter, the rumored Falcon Scout drone will appear as part of the 23.20 update.

“Did you know that the hawks are not real and are actually secret surveillance drones?” read a Fortnite tweet. “Downtime for 23.20 begins at 4am ET, with matchmaking going down shortly before.”

Fortnite expert Hypex has also shed some light on potential new features coming to Fortnite.

There’s a chance we’ll see a Dead Space collaboration before the remake releases in the coming weeks.

Speaking of skins, the Rift Guardian Stellan skin is believed to be appearing alongside the Doom Slayer outfit and upcoming crew cosmetic.

We may also be getting concert items for The Kid Laroi concert in-game soon.

The remaining Fortnite update 23.20 patch notes can be seen below…

Fortnite Update 23.20 Patch Notes…


• Bonus rewards ‘Prerequisite not met’ issue

– Please note that you must claim all rewards on the additional rewards page(s) before unlocking the rewards on the next page.

– For example, all rewards on page 1 must be unlocked before moving to page 2.

real battle:

• The “Party Time” enhancement has been temporarily disabled.

– The “Party Time” buff has been temporarily disabled and we are working to bring it back once the issue is fixed.

• The “Airbrush” augment has been temporarily disabled.

– The “Airbrush” augment has been temporarily disabled and we are working to bring it back once the issue is fixed.

• Firing a weapon while running and jumping may not register the hit

– Players may experience an issue firing their weapon while running and jumping. The shot may not deal any damage and also use no ammo.

• Opening the map or missions while using split screen causes the second player’s view to go black.

– When using split screen, opening the Map or Mission screen will cause other players’ view to go completely black, blocking their vision.


• Wildlife takes fall damage with fall damage turned off.

– Wildlife will take fall damage even when the fall damage setting is turned off.

• Prop Mover behavior is inconsistent

– Prop Mover can be stopped by colliding with another prop.

• Placing an accessory and switching to the pickaxe at the same time places an invisible accessory.

– Placing an accessory while pressing the hotkey to switch to pickaxe will place an invisible accessory.

• Players can build on mutator zone devices with “Allow Building” set to “No” in certain cases

– Players can build into mutator zone devices with “Allow Building” set to “No” after running, teleporting, grabbing, or anything that gets them into the zone quickly.

• Props may turn green while selected after being placed under terrain.

– Props placed under the terrain can turn green when selected.

• Tiles can become invisible in color change game mode

– We are aware of an issue where tiles can become invisible in color changing game modes.

Mobile and Cloud:

• Battlepass button confirmation sound sometimes plays when pressing any initial button with tap

– Players may hear a random Battle Pass button sound when pressing other buttons

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