Forget drones, a company is using WWII homing pigeons for delivery

If you thought delivery drones were a clever way to drop off items, then you’ll love this new scheme put together by video game company SEGA. To celebrate the release of the real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 3, SEGA has enlisted the help of homing pigeons to deliver copies of the new release. Perhaps even stranger is that Pub Landlord comedian Al Murray was also involved in the launch day stunt.

Outside of his comedy career, Al Murray is a bit of a history buff and is the author of the book Command: How the Allies Learned to Win the Second World War.

Murray advised SEGA on how best to replicate WWII delivery methods, which is where homing pigeons come in.

SEGA explains further: “During World War I and World War II, feathered creatures, sometimes called war pigeons, were relied on to send military messages thanks to their ability to target, speed, and altitude.

“In fact, the pigeons were so important that 32 of them were even awarded medals in recognition of all they endured to successfully deliver messages to those on the front lines.

“With the help of Birds for Film, the company that has trained animals for productions such as Harry Potter and The Crown, this method of communication was used once again when ‘CoHdy’ the homing pigeon ensured that the franchise’s biggest fan received the third installment before. someone else.”

Armed with a code for Company of Heroes 3, the homing pigeon headed to the home of superfan James Dowdall in Clapham.

We’re not sure if pigeons will replace delivery drones, email, or WhatsApp, but it’s good to see that the old methods of delivering and sending messages can still be counted on when needed.

Speaking of Company of Heroes 3, SEGA’s strategy game is set to release on February 23rd at 6:00pm for fans living in the UK.

Pre-order customers can download the game now, ready for when the servers go live later tonight.

The new Company of Heroes game puts players in charge of land, sea, and air units across various World War II battlefields.

The game features destructible environments, mainly located in the Italian mountains, coastal cities, and North Africa.

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