Festive Premier League TV matches leave fans furious

Premier League fans have been left furious after discovering the reshuffled Christmas and New Year calendar after the World Cup. Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City are among the teams that have had games moved, with the league granting all three clubs a special waiver to avoid playing on Boxing Day to allow more rest time after Qatar.

Three full rounds of games will be held over the festive period, but the arrangements have not been received well by fans. The changes were announced two weeks later than originally supposed and some fans were forced to change their travel plans at the last minute.

With United, Chelsea and City matches being moved away from Boxing Day to allow for more recovery time from the World Cup, fans of all three clubs, as well as supporters of opponents Nottingham Forest, Bournemouth and Leeds, were left particularly unhappy, as many had already done so. he made plans to see his teams immediately after Christmas.

Arsenal and West Ham fans are also on the warpath after their team’s Boxing Day game was moved to the odd 8pm kick-off time, making it difficult to get home on a day of transport. small audience. The Gunners’ game against Brighton on New Year’s Eve is another one that has been poorly received, as it is played at 5.30pm, the last game of the day.

All matches from the 26-28 period will be streamed live on Amazon Prime with BT Sport and Sky Sports each showing multiple matches throughout the rest of the period.

Fans took to Twitter to show their discontent, with the late notice being a major concern. @Chewy_HK wrote: “Oh great! Things have already been booked and paid for and now you’ve decided to change the dates. Well done for fucking the fans over and over again!” While @mikeosterdahl wrote: “Those props are long overdue but as usual you can’t deliver what you promise. Utterly useless you are.”

Others were simply angry that they would not be able to see their teams in action on Boxing Day, a day that plays a culturally significant role in the English football calendar. @_red_7 said: “Are you kidding? For the second year in a row there is no United game on Boxing Day!? This is absolutely disgusting!” while Arsenal fan @telthegooner spoke of his anger: “8pm on Boxing Day? Trash bin, absolute mess deserving of empty ground.”

The full festive calendar

(start at 15:00 unless indicated. All GMT times)

monday december 26

12:30 p.m. Brentford v Spurs (Prime Video)

Crystal Palace vs Fulham (Prime Video)

Everton vs Wolves (Prime Video)

Leicester vs Newcastle (Prime Video)

Southampton vs Brighton (Prime Video)

17:30 Aston Villa vs Liverpool (Prime Video)

20:00 Arsenal vs. West Ham (Prime Video)

tuesday december 27

17:30 Chelsea v AFC Bournemouth (Prime Video)

20:00 Man Utd vs. Nott’m Forest (Prime Video)

Wednesday December 28

20:00 Leeds vs Man City (Prime Video)

friday december 30

7:45 p.m. West Ham v Brentford

20:00 Liverpool v Leicester (Sky Sports)

saturday december 31

12:30 Wolves vs Man Utd (BT Sport)

AFC Bournemouth-Cristal Palace

Fulham v Southampton

Manchester City v Everton


17:30 Brighton v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

sunday january 1

14:00 Spurs v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)

16:30 Nott’m Forest v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

monday january 2

17:30 Brentford v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Tuesday January 3

Everton v Brighton, 7:45 p.m.

Leicester v Fulham, 7:45 p.m.

20:00 Arsenal v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

20:00 Manchester United v AFC Bournemouth

Wednesday January 4

19:30 Southampton v Nott’m Forest

Leeds v West Ham, 7:45 p.m.

20:00 Aston Villa vs Wolves

20:00 Crystal Palace v Spurs (Sky Sports)

Thursday January 5

20:00 Chelsea v Man City (Sky Sports)

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