Favorite James Bond Star Emily In Paris ‘Impresses 007 Bosses’

Broccoli and his half-brother Michael G Wilson are the keepers of the Bond franchise, the producers who made the bold decision to hire Daniel Craig and granted his request that his incarnation of the spy die in his final outing, ironically (?) titled Sin Time to die. However, now is the time to start looking at what comes next. Broccoli has been clear that it will not be a woman who gets into that Aston Martin, but he did say: “We want the actor to be British. (That) is the key. And British, as we know, there can be many.” many things.” And a new report describes his delight with a young British star.

With reports that producers are looking at actors under 40 as well, suddenly big favorites like Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, and even Henry Cavill (who turns 40 this year) are aging out of contention.

Craig himself was a left-field pick, not a household name like Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan in his day. And it seems likely that the franchise will do the same again.

Just before Christmas, reports surfaced that Marvel and Bullet Train star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 32, had pulled off a good screen test. However, he does have the high-profile lead role in Marvel’s upcoming Kraven The Hunter, which hits theaters this October.

Instead, an even younger TV star could be the new big favorite…

Emily in Paris star Lucien Laviscount, 30, has come up out of nowhere on the UK bookies charts over the weekend. The show has greatly raised its profile internationally after finding early fame in the UK at Grange Hill and Coronation Street.

A story broke in the national press on Sunday about his Bond candidacy: “Lucien ticks all the boxes. He’s a super talented actor, he’s extremely handsome and in the last 18 months he’s gained a lot of new fans since joining Emily in Paris.” Bond’s bosses are already saying how you can see him in the 007 tuxedo, how dapper and role-appropriate he’ll look.”

In response, Laviscount’s odds dropped overnight, thrusting him into the A-list favourites.

Previously, he was a ranged outsider at standard 100/1 odds. He has now surpassed Idris Elba on Skybet and surpassed previous leaders Cillian Murphy and Sam Heughan on Betfred after a flurry of betting.

Betfred and Skybet have Laviscount on 12/1, with the former showing Taylor-Johnson out front on 4/7 followed closely by Cavill on 4/9. Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page is out on November 2, with James Norton on July 1 and Tom Hardy on September 1.

Betfred has the same three in the lead, with Taylor-Johnson at 2/1, Cavill at 9/4 and Page at 3/1. Norton sits at 9/2 and Tom Hardy and Dan Evans at 6/1.

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