Fans have serious concerns about Nick Carter after Aaron Carter’s death

Nick Carter is no stranger to tragedy, having also lost his sister Leslie when she died of a drug overdose in 2012. He was only 25 at the time, according to New York Post. The brothers also lost their father, Bob Carter, in 2017. People reports. While Nick appears to have been focused on building his own family with his wife, Lauren, he has yet to issue a public statement regarding his brother’s death at the time of this writing, leaving many fans wondering about his well-being amidst so much loss

A twitter user wrote: “Sending love and support to @nickcarter and his family. I lost my little brother last year and I can’t imagine losing not one but two brothers. I know it seems like nothing matters right now but lean on each other.” the other”. RIP Aaron.” Other tweeted, “As someone who has lost a brother, I really feel sorry for Nick Carter as he has now lost a brother and a sister.” Hopefully, Nick and his family will be able to find some closure as more details about Aaron’s death come to light.

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