Fans are worried about Al Roker’s absence from The Today Show – Nicki Swift

According to ace tv show, Dylan Dreyer has been filling in for Al Roker since he left. However, that’s not enough for concerned fans who desperately want to know what’s going on with Roker. “I hope all is well with you, Al. We miss you today. It’s not the same without you.” tweeted a concerned viewer. “Ummm @3rdHourTODAY where is @alroker? This is getting weird, I hope all is well Mr. Roker.” tweeted other. On Instagram, fans are just as baffled. Beneath Roker’s most recent post, a user commented, “Where are you Al? We miss you,” along with two heart emojis. another user wrote, “I miss you Al Roker and trust that all is well.” One third commented“I hope you’re okay and just on vacation.”

At this time, “Today” has not officially addressed Roker’s absence. However, Roker’s wife, Deborah Roberts, recently gave fans an update on her husband. According to Sun, a fan commented on Roberts’ Instagram, saying, “Is Al Roker sick? He hasn’t been on Instagram or the Today show. Worried.” Roberts responded, “Ahh, thanks for this. He’s a little sick, but he’s okay.”

As of this point, neither Roberts nor Roker have divulged what ails him. Hopefully, it’s nothing too serious.

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