Fan from England who visited Qatar’s Sheikh’s £460m palace tells a story

A World Cup fan from England who went viral after visiting a sheikh’s £460m palace has shared the details of his incredible story. Everton fans Alex Sullivan and his father Tommy traveled to Qatar for the tournament and were at the Khalifa International Stadium when the Three Lions beat Iran 6-2 in their opener.

The 23-year-old bumped into a member of the Qatari emir’s family during his first day in the Middle East while looking for “some beers” at a local supermarket. The super-rich sheikh fell in love with the Sullivans, took him in his Lamborghini to his palace, and allowed him to meet his lion cub.

Alex has now opened up about what happened, shedding light on the hilarious story behind the viral moment.

“At first we were afraid that they would take us when we met them,” he told the daily mirror. “But they were incredibly generous and hospitable and we had a great time. They had been sleeping most of the day, but they took us for a ride in the Lamborghini. I filmed that and also played with a lion cub.”

“He had his own personal zoo with the lion cub, various birds of prey and some monkeys. They are obviously very powerful people in business. The palace was worth around two billion Qatari riyals. But they were so down to earth and friendly that we had a very good conversation with them.”

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The father and son duo are making the most of the World Cup after Tommy set aside £20,000 in retirement to enjoy the tournament. They joined some Iran fans ahead of the England opener and will enjoy a round of drinks with them after the Three Lions win.

“We met some fans from Iran in a bar and they were hugging us and shaking hands,” he said. “We agreed that we had to buy the drinks if they won, or buy if we win.

“That’s going to be a great round!”

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