Facts about Rebecca Romijn from modeling X-Men

Celebrities love the lights, the camera, the action, and their pets. Rebecca Romijn, her husband Jerry O’Connell, and twins Dolly and Charlie are the proud owners of multiple cats and multiple dogs. While O’Connell admitted us weekly not much into cats before marrying Romijn, her perspective changed. “Now I love them and they sleep on my head every night,” she said.

By PeopleThe Romijn-O’Connells are also big advocates of adopting over buying pets. “I’m proud to be a part of Adoption Ever After, which is committed to ensuring all shelter pets find a loving home. Promoting pet adoption, providing resources, and sharing amazing ways animals improve our lives are just a few.” of the ways we can all make a difference,” explained Romijn.

The family animals are treated like royalty, even allowed to sleep in the married couple’s bed. Romijn’s husband told her us weekly which is a bit tight, joking, “I could sleep on a balance beam.” Jokes aside, it’s clear that the gang believes that animals are an integral component of family life and their precious animals are lucky to have found their forever home with Romijn and company.

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