F1 Qualifying LIVE as Hamilton and Verstappen battle for pole in Abu Dhabi

No punishment for Lewis Hamilton for his incident in FP3 and race stewards have used Max Verstappen as an example of why the Mercedes driver escaped punishment.

“There is no question that Car 44 passed Car 20 directly after the track was placed in a Red Flag condition. (Hamilton) was on a fast lap, saw the red light, immediately lifted the throttle fully and braked while he checked their car mirrors following them closely.

“He said that by doing so he had passed Car 20. The stewards pointed to a precedent in relation to the 2021 Dutch GP (Verstappen) where no action was taken against the driver in similar but not identical circumstances.”

“Finding that the driver of car 44 took all reasonable steps to comply with the rules in that he immediately slowed down safely at the first opportunity at the first indication of a red light.”

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