Evil Dead is FREE right now, and Star Wars Squadrons in the next

In their bid to topple Steam as the number one gaming platform for PC, Epic Games is offering fans multiple titles to download for free. Epic Games’ latest draw is headlined by multiplayer horror release The Evil Dead. That’s in addition to the Dark Deity adventure RPG and a special cheerleader pack of in-game items for the Rumbleverse. Games and items are available to download and save from now until 4pm GMT on November 24.

All you need to do is visit the Epic Games Store, sign in or create an Epic account, and click to redeem the titles.

Once you’ve set up your Epic account, you can take advantage of future weekly giveaways, including next week’s Star Wars Squadrons sale.

The critically acclaimed Star Wars air battle simulator will be free for one week only starting at 4pm next Thursday.

It will likely launch in conjunction with Epic’s Black Friday sale, which will include discounts on hundreds of games.

As for this week’s free games, The Evil Dead is sure to please fans of Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th: Video Game.

In the game, players team up to take on computer-controlled Deadites and a player-controlled demon.

Teams will need to explore the map, complete quests, and defeat enemies to seal off the forces of evil and win the day.

Features characters and locations from the original Evil Dead trilogy as well as the Starz TV spin-off.

Dark Deity, on the other hand, is a strategy RPG with an old-school visual style and an emphasis on narrative.

Epic explains further: “A world on its last thread of hope brought to its knees by a Calamity centuries ago that destroyed its mighty civilizations.

“Little kings rule in place of the great emperors of yore who wage ill-advised and fruitless wars, laying waste to ancient ruins like glorified scavengers.

“Leads a team of four students at Brookstead Military Academy, who are shut down by mysterious orders from King Varic.

“The ruler of the Kingdom of Delia is preparing to break an age-old treaty, and Brookstead’s students make good cannon fodder… These four soldiers, however, are destined for more than acting as unwitting fodder for another grinder.”

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