Eternals 2 Star Gives Update On Marvel Sequel: ‘Always Texting’

Eternals hit theaters last year and introduced a slew of new Marvel heroes, but their stories aren’t over yet. And now, one of the MCU’s main heroes has spoken out about the future of the franchise. Barry Keoghan played Druig in the film and was one of the few survivors of his battle against the evil Deviants.

In the final scenes of the film, Druig was shown flying into space before bumping into a member of the Eternals: Eros (played by One Direction star Harry Styles).

In a new interview, Keoghan confessed that he’s “always texting” his Eternals student Kumail Nanjiani, who played Kingo in the film, about the future of the franchise.

The actor said, “I’m like, ‘Hey, have you heard anything about Eternals 2?’ Kumail knows everything. You know what I mean? He loves comics.”

The Irish star, who played the Joker in the latest DC Comics movie The Batman, also announced that he recently asked Kumail if they would make an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Keoghan said, “I’m like, ‘Hey, are we going to San Diego for the Eternals?’ but i would love to see where [Eternals] goes. I really would.”

Unfortunately for him and fans of the series, no Eternals announcements were made at either SDCC or Disney’s annual D23 event.

Keoghan went on to weigh in on what stories Marvel could explore next. “No, there are a lot of things we could dive into,” he continued. “And there’s a lot of character stories that we can go with and that too. So I’ll be curious to see where [Marvel Studios President] Kevin [Fiege], [Marvel producer] Victoria Alonso, and they all take it”.

Keoghan also had positive things to say about Eternals director Chloé Zhao.

The Chinese director was previously best known for winning two Oscars for her 2020 film, Nomadland. She was awarded Best Film and Best Director for her work.

Keoghan explained that he would love to work with Zhao again on Eternals 2.

He said: “It was shot and made, you really understand, with the characters, it also felt like an independent movie at some points. But [Zhao is] amazing…she is another great person to work with. In the blink of an eye again.”

Not only did Eternals feature superpowered aliens, such as Thena, Ikaris, Gilgamesh, and Sersi, but it also lined up the MCU’s next cinematic heroes.

The film’s post-credits scene showed Kit Harington finally becoming the Black Knight, while also showing the first look (or rather, sound) of Mahershala Ali’s version of Blade.

Eternals is available to stream on Disney Plus now.

Eternals 2 does not yet have a release date.


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