England risk fined as Harry Kane instructed to challenge FIFA at World Cup

England and Wales plan to go against the grain at the 2022 World Cup by sticking to their own anti-discrimination message on the captain’s armband worn by both Harry Kane and Gareth Bale, but both countries are likely to face a fine for doing so. FIFA announced on Saturday morning that it had reached a new partnership with United Nations agencies to run social campaigns throughout the tournament to raise awareness on different issues.

They also requested that all nations competing in the World Cup wear armbands issued by them. For group stage matches, the message #FootballUnitesTheWorld will be written on the FIFA armband itself.

Different messages will be presented throughout the knockout stages, but England and Wales have decided to keep their own anti-discrimination message. An FA spokesman said: “We respect the FIFA armband, but we are committed to the One Love armband and intend to wear it.”

A total of 10 European countries are expected to wear the armbands as part of their campaign against discrimination. The ‘One Love’ bracelets aim to promote inclusion within a country that has strict laws against same-sex relationships.

“The players can’t do much and wearing the bracelet on the biggest stage in the world will have an impact,” Kane had previously said. “But we can only do what we can. We have definitely stepped up to help with some of the problems in Qatar.”

It has been suggested that FIFA could respond by fining nations that challenge them for the captain’s armband. FIFA has taken a firm stance against the use of political slogans or messages on team kits.

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