England plays the first game of the World Cup in the stadium where Zac Cox died in 2017

“Qatar is offering them this opportunity,” he said. “They do it legally. We in Europe close our borders. We hardly allow any workers from these countries who are trying to legally come to work in our countries.

“Those who come to Europe, or those who want to come to Europe, have to go through very difficult paths. Only a few survive. So if you really care about the fate of these people, these young people, Europe can do what Qatar did. Create some channels, some legal channels, to increase the percentage of these workers to come to Europe. Give them some work. Give them a future.”

Infantino’s controversial statement must not deviate from the real issues surrounding the hosting of the World Cup in Qatar. Soccer will take center stage for the next few weeks with many trying to put the tragedy surrounding the tournament behind them.

But nothing should outshine the deaths of those who worked under questionable conditions to build the very stadiums that will host this year’s World Cup.

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