Elvis’s daughter Lisa Marie takes her family to Graceland for Christmas

It is the second most famous house in the United States (not even the King can top POTUS) and one of the most famous in the world. But while a succession of families have passed through the White House, only one girl grew up at Graceland, and she still calls it home. Lisa Marie spent her first Christmas at the Memphis mansion when she was a little girl and received gifts from her famous father and mother, Priscilla. Her grandfather Vernon dressed as Santa Claus and the whole house was decked out in spectacular decorations. Move to down to see footage of that fabulous first family vacation and hear how he has carried out the Presley Christmas tradition, even though his only son is now buried there.

Priscilla described how much Elvis always loved Christmas: “It was his favorite time of the year. He was like a child. He loved picking out gifts. He would tell the jeweler to bring pieces. He loved to give”.

But he admitted that the arrival of Lisa Marie made everything even more magical: “It was beautiful. You have a son who celebrates Christmas with you, you want to shower him with gifts and that’s what we did. The tree was full of gifts for her.”

In fact, there were two trees: the huge white tree covered in red and gold decorations in the living room, and the green tree covered in tinsel and decorations in the dining room. Priscilla has spoken fondly of her frustration with her husband, who would crush the tinsel into balls and throw them into the tree.

Priscilla has described Lisa Marie’s delight in it all, though she was a little confused about the mysterious man in red with the big white beard: “My father-in-law would dress as Santa Claus. My daughter would stare at him, trying to figure out who was holding her. .. Just like any other typical American family.”

Over the years, Elvis’s gifts to his daughter became more and more extravagant. On The King’s last Christmas in 1976, he gave Lisa Marie her own golf cart. Her parents had already separated in 1972 and she divided her time between her homes, even when Priscilla moved to Los Angeles.

Lisa Marie has spoken of how her father, a night owl, would sometimes wake her up in the early hours and the two of them would run around the Graceland grounds, even occasionally running through fences that would be promptly repaired the next day.


After Elvis’ death, Graceland was jointly inherited by Lisa Marie, who was only nine years old at the time, her grandfather Vernon, and her great-grandmother Minnie Mae.

Lisa Marie became the sole heir after Vernon’s death in 1979, followed by Minnie Mae in 1980. Although the house is now a major public attraction, she still has full access and often brings friends and her own family. for the holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. . Lisa Marie has three daughters, Riley, 32, and twins Harper and Finley, 13. Her only child, Benjamin Keough, died on July 12 of last year.

The kitchen, dining room and family rooms will normally be used during family visits. Lisa Marie is also one of only two people (with her mother) to have unlimited access to the upstairs rooms at Graceland, which are not part of the public tours.

Angie Marchese says: “Christmas at Graceland for Lisa is always a very special time of year. In fact, today she still brings her family here to celebrate the holidays. Graceland is a very special place not only for the fans but also for Lisa. It is her home. And when Lisa is here and she has dinner here at the house, we flip the switch and turn all this on.

Angie says of Graceland’s upstairs area: “The only thing about Graceland and its mystique is the upstairs and the fact that it was Elvis’s private area… It looks like he just got up and left. It’s part of my job to maintain it. So we went up there to hold the space.

“The record on the record player is the last record she heard. There’s a Styrofoam cup sitting on a shelf. The bed is made up, so we really keep it the way Lisa wants us to keep it. So Unfortunately, I can’t see it, but it’s taken care of.”

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