Elvis ‘so intense and sweaty’ watching his 1968 Comeback Special

Priscilla enthused: “Everyone was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Elvis was really great… what a night!’ When she was in the papers, she told all the ratings how well the show did and it was like a huge sigh of relief. [for him]. But, you know, he was nervous.”

During another Q&A at the 85th birthday celebrations, Priscilla and Memphis mob member Jerry Schilling shared Elvis’ backstage tensions before a show. Commenting on footage of The King preparing to perform, Jerry said: “You can tell by the backstage tension that Elvis felt… we could tell.”

Priscilla continued: “I was nervous. You never got close to him before a show. He was alone in his dressing room, because he had to psych himself up. Right now [referring to the footage] is getting psyched up Head down, getting ready, taking a deep breath. And people wondered, ‘My God, why would I be nervous?’ Because you get nervous.”

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