Elvis Presley’s real life monkey Scatter and his scandalous behavior

Agent Elvis has landed on Netflix this weekend, portraying the fictional spy adventures of El Rey with his womanizing, cocaine-snorting monkey Scatter. Although the show takes liberty with the story for entertainment purposes, Tom Kenny’s chimpanzee is actually based on Elvis Presley’s pet of the same name, who behaves outrageously. The star bought his first spider monkey named Jayhew in 1956 to “liven up” the already animal-infested Graceland. Then, in 1961, he decided to buy a bigger one: a chimpanzee named Scatter who had originally been a part of a local Saturday morning television show in Memphis. According to the Elvis superfan, Eddie Deezen Scatter was a “very cool and mischievous” monkey who was always up to something bad. Although the king loved the mascot, his joy was not shared by any of his friends or Memphis mob personnel surrounding him.

Scatter also upset some of the people who worked on the Elvis movies. In the early 1960s, the star worked on a host of Hollywood movies, including GI Blues, Blue Hawaii, and Jailhouse Rock. Deezen revealed that the King frequently brought the monkey to film sets and enjoyed walking and carrying it between takes.

The mischievous animal picked up some quirks from being on sets, like wearing clothes, separating rooms, and even drinking whiskey. Elvis also bought the cheeky chimpanzee a wardrobe full of suits and ties for the monkey to wear.

However, Scatter’s antics got a bit out of hand when he started approaching women on film sets and lifting up their dresses. The animal’s drinking habits also progressively worsened as the years passed, as the chimpanzee frequently became drunk and disorderly in public. He would even start masturbating in front of people and even bite them during his more intoxicated adventures.

But Scatter’s bad behavior may have ultimately led to his dramatic death. According to Deezen, he “he allegedly was poisoned in revenge by a maid he had bitten.” The King’s cousin, Billy Smith, the last surviving original member of the Memphis mob, corroborated this shocking story.

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According to an Australian Elvis blog, Smith said: “When we took Scatter back to Graceland, the maids had to feed him because we were gone so much. One day a maid named Daisy came out of her and she had her wig on, and that damned chimpanzee took the wig off her head. She scared him a couple years of her life. We always think that she poisoned him. And I wouldn’t be surprised. Because not long after that, the monkey turned up dead.”

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