Elvis Presley’s Graceland was forever changed by his girlfriend Linda

Elvis Presley bought his sprawling home, Graceland, and its adjoining grounds for $102,500 in 1957. The young King of Rock and Roll was only 22 years old, but he remained in the sprawling home for the rest of his life. He even died there on August 16, 1977. The building, its appearance, and its contents changed several times over the years, but some major alterations were made by Elvis’s girlfriend, Linda Thompson, in the 1970s.

Elvis met Linda in July 1972, a few months after separating from his wife, Priscilla Presley. She recalled being fascinated by how “sexy” the King of Rock and Roll was. They began a passionate relationship that blossomed into a loving partnership.

During their first year of being together, Elvis invited Linda to move in with him to Graceland, which is also where Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie Presley is being buried today.

Once he arrived and settled in the Memphis, Tennessee building, he went to work marking his character on the historic landmark.

Linda concluded in her post: “Rarefied memories were made at Graceland.”

Graceland’s official website revealed: “Stained glass peacock paneling between the living room and music room, as well as stained glass around the front door and stained glass fixtures above the pool table in the basement are They added Graceland in October. 1974. The work was done for Elvis by the Laukhuff Stained Glass Company of Memphis for a cost of $9,345.”

Stained glass peacocks came to life throughout Graceland as Elvis also made the birds roam his grounds.

However, during a live virtual tour of Graceland in 2021, archivist and Elvis expert Angie Marchese revealed: “At one point, there were some pet peacocks running around the property here at Graceland. That was until they started seeing their reflections in the gold Cadillac and started picking at the paint on the car.”

Angie added: “Needless to say, the car was painted and the peacocks found a new home at the Memphis Zoo.”

Linda finally broke up with Elvis. Their relationship came to an end in December 1976.

“Elvis had a Madonna complex,” he recently revealed. “Once a woman had a child, she was not a sexual being to him. I wanted a life, most of all I wanted to be a mother, but I knew I couldn’t bring a child to this crazy lifestyle.” As a result, she began to “wean herself off of him.”

After an emotional final meeting, Linda told him, “I love you,” as they hugged. “Then I walked away,” she reminded herself.


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