Elvis Presley’s Fiancee Remembers His Beautiful Words About Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie went into cardiac arrest at her home on January 12. Despite attempts to revive her by her ex-husband Danny Keough and later by doctors, Elvis Presley’s only daughter lost her life that same day. Tributes have poured in from friends and colleagues, as well as close family members. Her mother, Priscilla Presley, said: “She was the most passionate, strong and loving woman I have ever known.” Ginger Alden was engaged to Elvis during his final months and was there the night he died. She posted a beautiful memory this week of her time together with young Lisa Marie.

Ginger was the one who took nine-year-old Lisa Marie and comforted her when the ambulance was called on August 16, 1977, when the girl lost her father. Now that Lisa Marie has also lost her own life, Ginger chose to remember a lovely and tender moment between The King and her son.

Ginger wrote on Facebook: “Sometimes it’s not always easy to know everything/what to say in moments, but here goes. As so many of us share with extremely saddened hearts today the passing of Elvis’s daughter, I wanted to reflect. My time with Lisa Marie she was unique to me and special. I came to care deeply for her and felt the same way about her.”

Ginger added: “We didn’t have years together, but it was certainly quality time when she visited Elvis and me at Graceland as a kid in ’77 and was able to join us on a few tours and visit me at my family home.” .

“I will always remember riding in the golf cart with Lisa at her father’s house, something she loved so much, and taking her to a good McDonald’s for a hamburger. We went to Libertyland, we rode rides, something we all loved to do. I understood her feelings and appreciated the notes you wrote me.

But one particularly sweet moment stood out for Ginger, when the three of them were at home together.

Ginger said: “I remember Lisa walking into Elvis’s room one night, she sat on his bed and as she watched TV, he silently touched me behind her. ‘She has the same look in her eyes as I do,’ she said.

“That look isn’t too far off from her father’s now. I really wish we could have talked later in life, as I’m sure she had a lot of questions. Rest in peace, Lisa. You were loved and will be sorely missed.” .

Previously, Ginger recalled the night Elvis died in her autobiography. She was “paralyzed” after finding it on her bathroom floor and discovering that the star was not breathing.

She described Lisa Marie showing up at the door as an attempt was made to revive him before emergency services arrived, asking, “What’s wrong with my dad?”

Ginger wrote: “I didn’t want her to see her father like this. ‘Nothing, Lisa,’ I said, pulling her away.”

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