Elvis Presley Rejected Christmas Gift From Memphis Mob After Snub

Elvis Presley spent most of his Christmases at his home, Graceland, over the years. Many of them were spent with family, his friends, his future wife, Priscilla Presley, and eventually his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. But just before he got engaged to Priscilla, in 1964, Elvis hosted a small, intimate Christmas gathering. However, when his friends gave him something sincere, he didn’t turn out the way they wanted.

Over the years, Elvis built a team of close friends who acted as his entourage. These men, known as the Memphis mob, were made up of his cousins, relatives, close friends, and employees.

In April 1964, Elvis brought a new member of the team on board: Larry Geller. His relationship began with the star as his personal hairstylist, building his iconic look over the years. But as they spent more time together in the months that followed, Larry had a profound impact on Elvis.

Larry became Elvis’ personal spiritual advisor. Together, they studied ancient texts and discussed topics ranging from “parapsychology, religion, and the supernatural.”

However, Larry’s presence in Elvis’s life was not welcomed by the rest of the star’s entourage. And this was reflected in the events of Christmas 1964.

While everyone was exchanging gifts at Graceland, the Memphis mob gifted Elvis with a personalized bible. The star had always been a passionate Christian ever since he sang gospel songs as a child with his parents at church. But this was a special treat. The Bible had a tree of life engraved on its cover. And each line of the tree was made up of one of the names of the members of the Memphis mob.

However, Larry’s name was conspicuously absent from the tree.

At this point, Larry was probably a crucial part of Elvis’s life. In addition to being his spiritual advisor, she probably spent a lot of time with him on movie sets and before live concerts, acting as his personal hairdresser.

Naturally, Elvis was furious.

Elvis refused to accept the Bible. He gave it back to his group of friends and asked them to add Larry’s name to the tree; only then would he take the thoughtful gift from them.

The Memphis mob weren’t the only people who weren’t fans of Larry. Priscilla revealed in her memoir, Elvis and Me, that Larry’s influence on the star became a commanding presence on those closest to him.

Eventually, he would start pushing his spiritual books to those around him. She said that she was “happy to share everything.” Priscilla continued, “He read to us for hours and handed out books that she thought would interest us. He announced that in order for us to be perfect soul mates, I would have to join him on his search for the answers to the universe.” . To help me, he gave me several long books, including Vera Stanley Adler’s The Initiation of the World.

Over the years, it all became too much for Priscilla and Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Parker sat Elvis down one day and convinced him to start taking Larry away from the “inner circle” a bit. To give everyone a little more room to breathe. Elvis agreed to do it and Priscilla was delighted.

“After Larry left,” Priscilla wrote. “Elvis locked up a lot of his books. I told him that he made me happy, that they were literally destroying us. We were engaged to be married.”

Elvis asked him, “Would you feel better if I got rid of them?” Priscilla agreed. And so she did. She burned them all in an effort to rekindle her relationship with the young woman.


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