Elvis Presley raised donkeys in the pool at Graceland

Having risen to fame the year before, Elvis Presley bought the Graceland estate in 1957 and moved his extended family into the Memphis mansion. Initially, his parents, Vernon and Gladys, requested some farm animals to roam the grounds. So Elvis and Memphis mob member Lamar Fike drove across the Tennessee state line into Mississippi in their yellow Cadillac limousine.

That day Elvis bought a load of chickens, ducks, and his famous turkey that became known as Bow Tie. Since there was no way to transport them back to Graceland, the King put the ducks in the trunk and rested them on the back seat. According to his cousin Billy Smith on the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, upon returning to the Memphis mansion, they were both covered in animal poop and Vernon explained, ‘Oh my God, son! What happened?!” Elvis replied, “Oh nothing, it’s all these damn chickens here. We forgot to tie them up and then they [went] wild!”

As a result, the limo had been fumigated multiple times and it wasn’t long after the car was sold. Elvis’s family also had donkeys brought in, however, the stables and fences at the back of the property had not yet been built, so he needed to improvise where to keep his butt.

At one point during the move, Elvis had gone to Los Angeles to film a new movie, so Billy’s father Travis Smith, the brother of King’s mother Gladys, oversaw the move of belongings and some of the animals. that they arrived The King’s uncle, who became Head of Security, was wondering where to put the donkeys and realized that the Graceland pool had already been dug up. So the donkeys were lowered into what at the time was an empty space that they couldn’t get away from.

Memphis mob member Billy recalled, “They put them in the pool and kept them there for a while!” He also dispelled the myth that Elvis’ pool is shaped like a guitar when it’s actually more like a kidney.

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Elvis’ pool is well preserved today and right next to the Meditation Garden where El Rey is buried. To one side of the fountain in the middle are his grave, his parents and his grandmother Minnie Mae Presley. The star’s only grandson, Benjamin Keough, is buried across the pool after his tragic death at age 27 in 2020.

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