Elvis Presley had a brutal disagreement with his girlfriend during a movie

Elvis Presley fell in love on the set of his 1964 film, Viva Las Vegas, with his co-star Ann-Margret. The young lovers spent almost all their time together, both on and off the set, and became involved in a passionate love affair that lasted just over a year. But not every day was carefree and full of lust; Elvis was furious when the spotlight shifted away from him.

Ann-Margret was a big up and coming actress who had just starred in a smash hit titled Bye Bye Birdie. The 22-year-old Swedish-American star was fast becoming a major player in Hollywood. And as a result, the director of Viva Las Vegas, George Sidney, fell in love with her.

As a result, George reportedly began giving Ann-Margret more “favorable” camera angles while filming the film. This meant that Elvis was being tricked during some pivotal scenes.

Eventually, Elvis got tired of being left out. According to Red West, a member of Elvis’ entourage, the Memphis mob, went on a rant about George and Ann-Margret.

Red claimed that Elvis “complained bitterly that the son of a b***h was trying to put him out of the picture.”

Before long, this scorn made its way to Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, who was not pleased. He eventually took the King’s complaints directly to George to resolve this issue.

Elvis biographer Peter Guralnick claimed that Parker went to the film’s producers to remind them who the real star of the film was. He explained that it was a “photograph of Elvis Presley” and that the focus should be on him, no one else. The producers argued that placing Ann-Margret at the helm of Viva Las Vegas would bring a whole new audience to the film. But Parker disagreed.

Colonel Tom also took “two out of three duets” between Elvis and Ann-Margret from the film as a sign of who was in charge, Guralnick said.

By the time Viva Las Vegas hit theaters, Elvis had gotten away with it. The King enjoyed six songs in the film, while Ann-Margret only had two solo performances.

Ann-Margret has never publicly commented on how this made her feel, but she continued to expand her career in a big way after working with Elvis. Not only did she have a thriving film career after Viva Las Vegas, but she also enjoyed a solid Las Vegas residency in the 1970s, even until Elvis’ death.

And, despite Elvis and Ann-Margret’s behind-the-scenes disagreement, the couple continued their relationship away from the cameras. They went motorcycle riding together, spent days together in Elvis’s suite, and stayed together long after the movie ended, all behind the back of Elvis’ mistress Priscilla Presley.

Eventually, they parted ways after their affair came to light in the press. Priscilla reportedly threw a vase at the wall in frustration after learning the truth about the relationship.

Soon after, Elvis broke up with Ann-Margret and proposed to Priscilla soon after.


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