Elvis Presley gave Richard Nixon an incredibly dangerous gift

However, Macca’s most recent words about The King while promoting McCartney III have been very positive, highlighting their meeting in 1965 and how All Shook Up still lifts his spirits.

After their meeting, Nixon wrote a letter to Elvis on New Year’s Eve, thanking the star for visiting the White House and for the gun he gave him as a gift. The president wrote: “Dear Mr. Presley: It was a pleasure meeting with you in my office recently. And I want you to know once again how much I appreciate your kindness in giving me the Colt 45 World War II commemorative pistol, enclosed in the beautiful wooden chest. You were particularly kind to remember me with this impressive gift, as well as your family photographs, and I am delighted to have them in my collection of special keepsakes. With my best wishes to you, Mrs. Presley, and to your daughter, Lisa, for a happy and peaceful 1971. Sincerely, Richard Nixon.”

The president had also given Elvis a pair of cufflinks with the presidential seal, which he had taken from a drawer full of gifts for visitors. Memphis mob members Sonny West and Jerry Schilling also had their own take-home memorabilia. But just before they were ushered in, Elvis spontaneously put his left arm around Nixon and hugged him.

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