Elvis Presley filled his car with farm animals and drove to Graceland

Elvis Presley grew up loving animals. When he was a boy growing up in Tennessee, he was surrounded by all kinds of farm animals during his younger years. As he became a world-renowned rock icon, he purchased a grand mansion, Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee, before filling the 10,000-square-foot estate with his favorite pets. However, this sometimes meant that he had to get his hands dirty.

By the late 1960s, Elvis had amassed a large menagerie of animals from around the world. Included in this collection was a monkey, a family of spider monkeys, peacocks, poodles, and a great Pyrenean dog named the Muffin.

The King also had a particular fixation on dogs. He had his own canine companion, a Chow Chow named Get Low that followed him everywhere. The dog even outlived the star by a year. He also bought dogs for all his girlfriends, his mother and his aunt to show them his affection.

However, shortly after the singer moved into his home in 1957, he became determined to fill in his house and grounds. He bought a load of pigs and chickens to keep her company.

But the King then decided that he wanted some geese for his land.

Elvis knew exactly where to get geese, so he jumped in his Cadillac and took to the field.

After buying a bunch of birds, the King filled his back seats with geese and headed back to Graceland to add to his menagerie of farm animals. He reportedly wanted them to “keep the grass trimmed.”

However, the star did not stop there. The geese were soon in good company when they were joined by a herd of goats and a flock of turkeys. One of the gobblers was even named Bow Tie.

These barnyard animals were later joined by a family of donkeys who were kept in Graceland’s drained pool until work on the lot was completed. Finally, after proper fencing had been erected around Graceland, donkeys were allowed to roam the fields.

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Over the years, Elvis grew tired of caring for his animals and having to hire other people to do it for him. As a result, he eventually began auctioning off his collection of pets one by one.

However, he refused to part with his chicken coop. The singer wanted to keep a daily supply of fresh eggs for breakfast.

However, there was one animal in particular that he had no love for: cats.

Although he bought his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, a cat named Puff, he was always at war with the cats. Stray cats materialized on the Graceland grounds over the years, forcing him to find homes for the kittens.

However, Elvis reportedly kept a cat around. He named him Wendell Corey, after one of his co-stars in the 1957 film Loving You.

The Blue Suede Shoes star also had a particular fascination with peacocks. Not only did he have a fleet of them on his grounds at all times, he also had some stained glass peacock panels custom designed for him in 1974 by his girlfriend Linda Thompson. These stained glass windows still stand to this day, but the star was forced to ban live peacocks from his home.

During a virtual tour of Graceland, Elvis expert Angie Marchese revealed: “There were actually a few peacocks running around the property here at Graceland at one point. That was until they started seeing their reflection in the gold Cadillac and started pecking at the paint on the car.”

After this event, Elvis sent all the peacocks to live at the Memphis Zoo.


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