Elvis left his ex-wife Priscilla and his fiancée Ginger the same in his will

Elvis had officially divorced Priscilla back in October 1973, although they had separated in February of the previous year. She was also the mother of her nine-year-old daughter and his only child, Lisa Marie.

His wife, of course, had seen numerous girlfriends and mistresses come and go during their twelve-year relationship.

Ginger insists that they discussed their wedding plans the night she died, but even Vernon later said that he thought his son had started getting cold feet.

Vernon said, “I assumed they were getting married, but nothing happened and every time I tried to talk to Elvis about Ginger, he seemed upset.” Finally, about a day before he died, I said, ‘I keep hearing and reading that you’re going to announce your engagement. It’s okay? When are you going to get married?'”

Elvis’s response was not promising: “God only knows.”

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