Elvis Graceland top – ‘I accidentally called the Sleeping King’

When Elvis Presley bought Graceland in 1957, he went to great lengths to increase its security. The King installed a security wall with one-way mirrors at the top of the main staircase, which can be seen from the bottom of the stairs on today’s tour. He had an open-door policy for the Memphis mob, but his personal safe haven on the first floor was by invitation only.

Elvis had cameras set up around the mansion so he could see who was in the house when he came down the stairs via security video upstairs. However, sometimes the King did not bother and ordered food and drink through an internal intercom.

The Memphis mob could also call Elvis into his bedroom, though timing was crucial because you didn’t want to wake him up.

One member of the inner circle was the King’s cousin, Billy Smith. His son Danny was a childhood friend of Lisa Marie who accidentally phoned Elvis’ nightstand intercom when he was sleeping.

As a result, Lisa Marie and the Memphis mob kids were going crazy over Graceland during the day, as Elvis was fast asleep.

They drove their golf carts and avoided the King’s Aunt Delta, whose responsibility it was to make sure her daughter had a bath before bed every night.

When he finally woke up, Elvis would have breakfast around 4 pm in the Jungle Room, which he called the lair. His usual choice for his first meal would be a Spanish omelette with burnt bacon and black coffee.


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