Elvis – Dolly Parton ‘I cried all night after rejecting the King’

After more than 50 years in show business, Dolly Parton, who has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, still shows no signs of stopping. Throughout her incredible career, the 76-year-old has met some big names, but did you know that she once turned down Elvis Presley himself? The Country star may have ended up in tears, but putting up with her ended up benefiting her greatly years later.

It’s not often that a singer calls and tells you that Elvis Presley not only wants to meet you, but also wants to cover a song he wrote. And that’s exactly what happened to a young Dolly in the early 1970s with her hit song I Will Always Love You.

Speaking on Living and Learning with Reba McEntire, the singer said: “I was so excited, I told everyone. they had called me [to tell me] that Elvis was recording it, and [asked] if you wanted to come to the studio. Elvis wanted to meet me and all that.”

However, that night before the session, The King’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, called her.

He told Dolly, “You know, we don’t record anything with Elvis unless we get the release, or at least half the release.”

She replied, “Well that sheds a new light on this because I can’t give you half of the post. I’m going to leave that to my family. I can not do this.

So the die-hard colonel told him that Elvis couldn’t cover the floor because those were the terms.

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Even though things worked out for her, Dolly always wished she could have patched things up with Elvis, who died in 1977, and ended up having a dream where this happened.

The 76-year-old turned this into a song called I Dreamed About Elvis Last Night. She has only performed the song live in concert with a King tribute artist, but she plans to record it one day.

What’s particularly sweet is that Priscilla Presley once told Dolly that the late star sang the song to her on the courthouse steps after they got divorced in 1973. Unsurprisingly, this fact really touched Dolly.

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