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After Ellen DeGeneres graduated from high school, she wasn’t sure exactly what to do with herself. She tried out for college and attended the University of New Orleans to major in communications, according to us weeklybut he dropped out after one semester and began working a series of odd jobs.

In the book “Ellen DeGeneres: A Biography”, author Lisa Iannucci wrote that the future superstar did it all. “[She] sold clothes at the Merry-Go-Round chain store in Lakeside Mall, served food, painted houses, worked in a car wash, ran a bar, wrapped gifts…sold Hoover vacuum cleaners and shelled oysters,” Iannucci wrote. . That seafood-related job, DeGeneres once joked that it was a given.”When you live in New Orleans, you’re meant to be an oyster sheller, aren’t you?” VH1.

DeGeneres also worked as a legal associate at one point, for entertainment tonight. But according to Notable biographiesthat job didn’t work out because she didn’t like the required dress code for the office.

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