Eddie Murphy’s 15-Year Feud With Fellow Comedy Star That Humiliated Him

After starring on Saturday Night Live in the early 1980s in his early twenties, Eddie Murphy took America by storm and quickly became one of the biggest Hollywood movie stars of the decade, starring as the Beverly Hills Cop series, Coming to America. and the special stand up of him Raw. However, in the 1990s, the former SNL legend was the butt of a joke from a current cast member who was too below the belt for him and sparked a 15-year feud.

In 1995, during his Spade in America: Hollywood Minute segment on SNL, David Spade made a joke about Murphy that the Shrek star would never forget. A photo of the actor surfaced alongside the comedian, who said, “Look kids, it’s a shooting star, make a wish.”

There were boos from the audience and a week later he found himself in big trouble with Murphy. According to Jimmy Fallon and Jim Breuer, Spade was speaking in the writers’ room when a panicked producer alerted him.

Speaking about Jimmy Kimmel in 2020, Spade said of the feud: “I just made a joke about him and I wasn’t in the mood for it. He yelled at me and we carried that grudge forever. Then thirty years later he finally hosts SNL and says it’s still awkward for him and me, I never see the guy…

However, Murphy came up behind him and said, “Hey, can I talk to you?” The Nutty Professor actor gave him a hug and added, ‘Hey, this is stupid,’ as they buried the hatchet.

Spade added: “So we talked about SNL and some other stuff for a while. Super cool dude, I felt bad for being a little thorn in his side for all that time, but we’re all good now.”

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