Dwayne Johnson Delivers Embarrassing News Of Black Adam 2 In Reshuffle

Black Adam was highly anticipated by DC Comics fans, but critics hated it. The film, which hit theaters in October, was promised by Dwayne Johnson to “change the hierarchy of power” in the DC Universe. He also brought Henry Cavill back onto the scene as Superman in a surprising post-credits stinger. Unfortunately, Johnson has now revealed that this is the last time fans will see Black Adam going forward.

The DCU is going through a massive change, right now. Former Marvel head James Gunn was recently named chief creative officer at DC Studios. This means that he will be acting as the equivalent of Kevin Feige for the DC movies. But, in the wake of hiring him, he’s been making some changes.

Gunn has announced that Cavill is no longer a part of the DCU, despite his recent return from the dead in Black Adam. The Guardians of the Galaxy boss also confirmed that Ben Affleck would not be returning as Batman, as was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Johnson has now confirmed what Gunn’s DC has in store for Black Adam, and it’s not good news. Instead of setting up a trilogy that would eventually end in a Black Adam Vs Superman movie, the hero has been sidelined permanently.

Johnson told fans on his Twitter account: “My passionate friends, I wanted to give you a long-awaited update from Black Adam on the character’s future in the new DC Universe. James Gunn and I have connected, and Black Adam will not be in its first chapter of the narrative”.

This is likely to be extremely disappointing news for fans of the character (and Johnson), but it seems Gunn is trying to rebuild the DC Universe from the ground up with a whole new roster of characters, heroes, and actors.

Johnson is likely extremely embarrassed by this move, considering he reportedly spent 15 years planning, writing, and building this Black Adam movie.

However, The Rock added an addition to the announcement, with a glimmer of hope for the future of Black Adam.

Johnson went on to say, “However, DC and [production company] Seven Bucks has agreed to continue exploring the more valuable ways Black Adam can be utilized in future chapters of the DC multiverse.”

This cryptic piece of Johnson’s statement likely means his portrayal of Black Adam could return if the new DC Universe indulges in a multiversal adventure. Other than that? He wouldn’t hold his breath.

Added Johnson: “James and I have known each other for years and have always supported each other to succeed. It’s no different now, and I will always support DC (and Marvel) to win and WIN BIG. You guys know me, and I have a very tough skin, and you can always count on me to be direct with my words. These decisions made by James and the leadership of DC represent their vision of the DCU through their creative lens.”

Johnson concluded, “After 15 years of tireless hard work to finally make Black Adam, I am so proud of the film we delivered to fans around the world. I will always remember the fan reaction to Black Adam with tremendous gratitude, humility, and love”. We did very well”.

He then praised his “very passionate and vocal fans of the Black Adam/Super Hero genre,” telling them, “I love you, THANK YOU, and I WILL ALWAYS LISTEN and do my best to provide and entertain you. What an amazing month – now we all need some Teremana! Have a productive week and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your families!”

Black Adam is now available to rent and buy on digital streaming services.

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