Donald Trump Wins Lawsuit Over Niece Mary Trump’s Inheritance – Nicki Swift

Mary Trump lost her lawsuit against her uncle Donald Trump, the late Robert Trump and Maryanne Trump. Reuters reports that Judge Robert Reed did not find that the defendants defrauded her out of money from her late grandfather’s estate. The court ruled that her claim was barred because she had settled with the defendants and that the settlement “clearly and unequivocally” released them from any further duty. The judge also stated that this was not “a case in which the defendants’ alleged threats impeded the plaintiff’s exercise of free will.” Of course, Mary’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, was disheartened by the ruling. She said: “Yesterday’s decision is wrong and disappointing.”

Trump seems to be on a roll when it comes to legal decisions. foxnews reported that a judge dismissed Michael Cohen’s lawsuit against the former president. Cohen had claimed that former president and attorney general Bill Barr sent him to jail after he criticized the then-president in a revealing memoir. The judge determined that “Cohen’s claim of negligent failure to protect must be dismissed.”

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