Dominic West has a real-life connection to Prince Harry – Nicki Swift

What royal freaks, or “The crown” – you may not know that Season 5 star Dominic West actually dates back to at least one member of the royal family: Prince Harry.

West and Harry first met in 2013 when the two participated in a charity run called Walking with the woundedan event that raises money for wounded soldiers around the world (via Y! news). Harry led the UK team on the “Antarctica Cruise”, while West led a team of Canadians and Australians who formed the Commonwealth team. (Alexander Skarsgård led the US team.) At a 2014 press conference for Walking with the woundedWest spoke fondly of his time with Harry, saying (via US Weekly), “It was great having Harry there because he was such a big part of the team. He seemed to specialize in latrine building and built these incredibly elaborate ones.”

Despite forming a connection, it seems the two have lost touch. On November 8, 2022, the day before the release of “The Crown” season 5, West said entertainment tonight“I haven’t talked to [Harry] for many years.” He also noted that he “didn’t think it was appropriate to call him up and ask him for advice” when it came to preparing for the show. However, the amount of time the actor spent with Harry may have in fact helped inform his portrayal. of Harry’s father, King Charles III.

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