Dolly Parton Releases Birthday Single Inspired By The Dream Of God’s Judgment

Dolly, who has spoken about her Christian roots, wrote in her bio: “I’m not that religious, but I am very, very spiritual. I grew up in a very religious environment. I grew up with a biblical background, and I’m glad I did. I know my Bible stories.”

His apocalyptic song is from God’s point of view and includes lyrics like: “Don’t make me have to go down there/You’ve always been my cross to bear/I’ve let you try my patience like all good Fathers do/You’re in My last nerve, I’ve had this far with you.
“I gave you a book, you didn’t read it/ I gave you my word, you didn’t heed it/ I gave you a map, you said you didn’t need it/ And now you’ve lost your way and you’re wandering aimlessly.

Some of his Christian fanatics may find the lyrics a bit strange since they believe that God literally “came down” as the man Jesus Christ to redeem the world from its sin and promises to “come down” again one day.

Interestingly, Don’t Make Me Have To Come Down isn’t the first song Dolly has written based on one of her dreams.

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