Djokovic explains why he didn’t retire against Medvedev despite shaking

The Serb was also asked how great champions of the sport like him and Rafael Nadal knew their limits after coming back to win matches when they seemed on the brink of collapse and where the limit was, and he replied: “I don’t think there is a limit. Really it’s in your head. It’s really about perspective and focus and your perception of how you see things at that moment. Of course, when you’re going through physical difficulties, it affects the game, it affects how you feel mentally, it affects your body language. Of course, the opponent likes to see you knocked down, and they are trying to dominate in the rallies, they are trying to get the advantage of the match, which was kind of like the situation that was happening today.

“But I think the biggest battle, as I said before, is always the internal battle. If you manage to find yourself in that optimal state of mind and body as often as possible, I believe you can extract the best and reap the best results for yourself in every moment, every point, every game.”

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