Djokovic and Nadal ‘block’ two players while sending an ominous message

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have been told that they are preventing the next generation of players from winning Grand Slams. Daniil Medvedev’s former coach claimed the Russian and Alexander Zverev would have to wait until the two men retired before they could savor success in the sport’s biggest tournaments despite Djokovic’s and Nadal’s shrinking schedules.

Djokovic and Nadal shared three of the four Grand Slam titles this year. The world No. 2 won the Australian Open and the French Open before the Serb lifted his seventh Wimbledon crown. Only 19-year-old Carlos Alcaraz was able to break his streak at the US Open with Djokovic absent and Nadal losing in the fourth round after returning from injury.

The next generation of players that includes Medvedev, Zverev and 24-year-old Stefanos Tsitsipas have been pushing to dethrone Djokovic and Nadal in recent years, with the former becoming the only player of his generation to win a Major at beat the world. No 7 in the 2021 US Open final. But now they have been told they must wait for the duo to retire before their era can truly begin.

Medvedev’s former coach confessed that 35- and 36-year-old players were preventing two of the biggest stars of the late 1990s generation from winning Majors, using this season as an example. speaking to Sport Express RussiaJean-Rene Lisnard said: “Look what happened even this year: Australia was won by Nadal, France by Nadal again, Wimbledon by Djokovic.”

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“So to get more frequent Slam wins, Medvedev, Zverev and the whole next generation will have to wait until they finish,” Lisnard added. “It’s enough for them to play ten tournaments a year, and they are still better than the rest.”

And Medvedev’s former coach also thought it was impressive that the Russian faced both men in Grand Slam finals. The 26-year-old lost to Nadal in the US Open 2019 and Australian Open 2022 finals and was defeated by Djokovic for the Australian Open 2021 crown before winning his US Open championship match. USA 2021. Lisnard said: “Let’s not forget who he lost these matches against: Djokovic, Nadal. These guys are just stronger. Even at 35-36 years old, they can be at the top of tennis.”

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