Did Farrah Fawcett marry Ryan O’Neal before her death? -Nicki Swift

Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal were together for almost 20 years before their infidelity ended their relationship, as detailed in a 2009. vanity fair profile. But despite living under the same roof for so many years and sharing a son, Fawcett and O’Neal never married. However, they almost did it twice. The first time was an impulsive act that was apparently stopped by fate. After he proposed wearing a cigar band, the two decided to go to church, but a flat tire got in the way, according to the hollywood reporter. And they left it that way.

Both stars had good reason to be hesitant about the marriage. Fawcett had been in a tumultuous marriage that ended in divorce, the daily mail indicated. O’Neal had not one, but two failed marriages on the books. Despite their reservations, Fawcett and O’Neal put the option back on the table later in life. This time, the circumstances made many view the news with suspicion.

O’Neal announced that he had proposed to Fawcett in a June 2009 interview with ABC News‘ “20/20”, just a few days before she died on 25 “I asked her to marry me, again, and she agreed,” he told Barbara Walters. Fawcett was on her deathbed at the time, which O’Neal was well aware of. “As soon as she can, we’ll say she does… Maybe we can just nod our heads,” he teased. But his plans never came to fruition.

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