Demi Moore’s relationship reportedly takes a sad turn – Nicki Swift

Demi Moore and Daniel Humm have reportedly split after dating for less than a year, according to us weekly. Things apparently took a turn for the worse recently, as everything seemed to be going well in the summer. A source told Us Weekly in June: “Demi and Daniel have gotten a lot more serious and are spending a lot more time together.” The source added that they were “still in the honeymoon phase” and “very attracted to each other.” In July, another source said hollywood life, “Daniel has been with Demi for almost six months and is very much in love with her. He has met Demi’s daughters and they get along well. They absolutely approve of him as their mother.” However, a different source contradicted this statement by stating that Moore’s daughters did not like the chef at the end of October, according to OKAY! Magazine.

There are cheating rumors and roving eyes, as another insider told OK!, “The problem is that Daniel is known in Manhattan circles for being a major player, and with his history, that’s the last thing Demi needs.” .

At this time, it’s unclear what exactly led to Moore and Humm’s split despite all the rumors going around. Humm has already removed any trace of Moore from his social media, according to In contact.

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