David Niven almost died filming a classic movie with Gregory Peck

The incredible stunt saw Peck thrown overboard and nearly crushed by the hydraulics, while Niven also sank with his coat getting caught in the machinery. It was reported at the time: “Peck suffered a three-inch cut to his forehead; Quinn and Niven twisted his spines; Baker sprained his neck and Darren was knocked completely unconscious by a wave and nearly drowned.”

If that wasn’t enough, Niven contracted a near-fatal infection through a cut lip in dirty water, while filming the scene where he rigs explosives to destroy the titular weapons. The Guns of Navarone was almost shut down entirely when Niven was rushed to hospital in the early hours, suffering “in critical condition, stricken with sepsis”. In his memoirs, he later noted: “Dark times before antibiotics.”

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