David Foster has been married more times than you thought – Nicki Swift

David Foster’s first marriage to Canadian musician and former Skylark bandmate BJ Cook came early in his rise, and he actually credits him for some of his success. “I think he was meant to do well, but she certainly cut him off,” he told the Times Colonist (via davidfoster.info). So what went wrong? Cook told the outlet that “they were a great team, but a lousy couple.” Cook also explained that as soon as Foster’s career began to take off, he expected her to take on a more traditional role, and as a rock musician, he just didn’t align with her own plans. They eventually broke up in 1981, but are good friends today, with Foster telling the publication: “I certainly get along with her fantastically now.”

Shortly after finalizing his divorce from Cook, Foster remarried, this time to Rebecca Dyer. Of that marriage, Foster has not said much publicly. However, he did admit in “David Foster: Off The Record” that he had left the marriage to be with someone else (via Rolling Stone). What he has She said, however, is that her children from her second marriage have “scar tissue” from her sudden departure, something two of her daughters with Dyer confirmed on the Kate and Oliver Hudson podcast, “Brothers Spree”. As Sara Foster explained, “Our father was raising other children.” The other children in question? Their third wife…

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