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On November 13, Cristiano Ronaldo appeared on talk about tv with Piers Morgan. The star footballer referred to his recent actions and did not hold back on his thoughts regarding his team. “I felt that some people do not want me here, not only this year, but also last year,” said the Manchester United player. He mentioned that he felt “betrayed” and that he no longer has “respect” for his manager, Erik ten Hag.

Manchester United issued a statement to its website Shortly after, the clip of the interview came out. “Manchester United notes the media coverage of a Cristiano Ronaldo interview,” the statement read. “The club will consider their response after all the facts have been established.” It was then mentioned that the team’s priority will be to prepare and prepare for the rest of the season.

According to BrandRonaldo’s performance levels have not been good this season, with just three goals and two assists. This can be quite shocking, especially since he is a star soccer player known for being the top scorer. The media outlet mentioned that if Ronaldo helps his team win the World Cup, it could restore some of the broken respect between him and Manchester United.

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