Conor McGregor will use drug testing loophole for early 2023 comeback

Conor McGregor claims he will be available for drug tests in February. The Irishman has been out of the USADA pool since the third quarter of 2021 and he was expected to complete six months of testing before being cleared to race under the regulator’s rules.

However, the UFC has the power to override this provision in “exceptional circumstances” or when the rule would be “patently unfair” to an athlete. Instead, the fighter in question would only have to return two negative drug tests to receive the go-ahead. This exemption was exercised when Brock Lesnar made his return to the UFC against Mark Hunt in 2016.

Lesnar went on to defeat Hunt via unanimous decision. But the result was quickly overturned after it was revealed that Lesnar had tested positive for the banned substance clomiphene. Given the backlash MMA giants have received for using this loophole previously, many believed it would not be enacted for the Notorious’ return, but McGregor is convinced otherwise.

On Twitter, he wrote: “I am clear for tests in February. I will complete both of my USADA tests and we are booking a fight.”

The pair have previously exchanged words online and there’s certainly an appetite for the showdown due to their exciting action styles. After Gaethje’s recent loss to then-UFC Lightweight Champion Charles Oliviera in May, McGregor tweeted: “Gaethje is a jerk. The absolute amount of dodge he talks about too. And again. A grade A idiot!

“A bird brain with a bird brain manager. They are two bums. He’s. a donkey. Stevo-O crack head in recovery should see if Johnny casts him.”

“This absolute clown! The aul pretended to be asleep after he tapped too lol. Idiot,” McGregor added.

Gaethje also does not have a favorable opinion of the former two-weight world champion. Speaking in 2021, he said: “I think he’s ab***h.

“He’s afraid to fight me, and his trainer is smart enough not to let that happen. These guys have been watching me forever and they’re too much of a coward to pull the trigger. He doesn’t have the confidence anymore.” ”

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