Colin Firth suffered a bitter dispute with the ‘despotic’ star

Later today at 9pm, Kingsman: The Secret Service hits Channel 4 screens. The blockbuster sees Colin Firth as a man of action with countless enemies, but years before he struggled with a rocky relationship with his real enemy, Rupert Everett, on the set of his 1984 film Another Country. Eventually, things got very ugly between the two actors.

Everett spoke about the events during his 2020 interview with Piers Morgan.

The British actor admitted that he “didn’t” get along with Firth during filming. But long before that, he confessed to being in love with the budding actor.

He said, “First of all, I went to see him. He was doing my part in the play and I fell in love with him. Well, I just fell in love with him.”

Everett then went on to explain that the actor consumed it.

“I became obsessed with him and we hung out all the time,” Everett revealed. “And then I realized that we were completely different types of people. And he always says that this is not true, but I think he was always playing the guitar, singing protest songs.”

Firth later recalled that the star called him a “guitar-strumming ghastly red-brick socialist.”

Before long, the pair embarked on a fierce feud that lasted for years.

Firth said that Everett was “a complete bastard” on the film’s set.

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Firth then revealed that they have never been best friends.

“We love each other now,” he confirmed. “But clearly we didn’t get along when we first worked together and I think it was my fault because I was so boring. Rupert needs to have fun all the time. Seriousness doesn’t suit him.” “

“He found my politics very tedious,” Firth added. “He said, I think, that I was like a ‘frightful red brick socialist, strumming guitar.'”


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