Closure of Google Stadia: last weekend to enjoy the cloud gaming platform

Google Stadia is about to shut down for good, just three years after making its original debut. If you have a Stadia controller and any games linked to your account, consider this your last warning chance to enjoy the cloud gaming platform before you’re offline for good. Google Stadia will officially go offline on January 18, making it the last weekend to access your games.

Google Stadia eliminated the need for a dedicated console, allowing users to stream games via the cloud using the official Stadia controller.

And assuming you had a decent internet connection, the technology was actually pretty solid.

You didn’t need a powerful PC or console to enjoy demanding games like Red Dead 2 or Cyberpunk 2077, for example. In fact, the Stadia edition of Cyberpunk 2077 was actually one of the best versions of the game at the time of release.

Unfortunately, however, some dubious business decisions did the platform no favours. In particular, the prices of the games were too high.

For the most part, Stadia games cost the same as their PlayStation, Xbox and PC counterparts, despite fears that you won’t be able to access your content if the service ever goes offline.

This is exactly what ended up happening, though Google has at least provided refunds to affected customers.

Google explains further: “Starting November 9, 2022, Stadia will attempt to automatically process refunds for all non-Stadia Pro game purchases, add-on content, and subscription fees made through the Stadia Store.

“We ask for your patience as we work through each transaction and please refrain from contacting Customer Service as they will not be able to expedite your refund during this time.

“We still expect most refunds to be processed by January 18, 2023.”

The Stadia Store is now closed and Pro subscriptions no longer exist, although you can access any of the games you purchased even if you’ve already received a refund.

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