Christian Horner refuses to answer question amid Red Bull tensions

Christian Horner refused to answer Sky Sports F1’s question as to why Max Verstappen ignored team orders at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Verstappen was asked to let his teammate Sergio Perez pass on the final lap as the Mexican battles Charles Leclerc for second in the championship.

However, the Dutchman did not follow through on the request and responded angrily over the team radio when questioned by his engineers, claiming he had his reasons for the decision. Horner was asked by Sky Sports presenter Simon Lazenby to explain why instructions were not followed after the checkered flag.

Lazenby said: “Can’t you tell us why? Why did Max refuse to do that like [Perez] He said that Sergio has done a lot for him in the past. But, Horner closed the question when he seemed to point the finger at Lazenby.

He replied: “I am not going to go into what we discussed behind closed doors. The drivers have discussed it and have shaken hands.

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Verstappen yelled: “I told you last time, don’t ask me that again. Ok, are we clear? I gave my reasons and I stand by them.” Horner added that Red Bull would hold a meeting to discuss the consequences, as he admitted that the team expected Verstappen to help Perez in his battle with Leclerc.

He commented: “It’s a straight fight between Checo and Charles and if Max can help in any way he will. Checo has done a phenomenal job all year and he deserves that second place and as a team we will do our best.” The best thing is to support that and achieve it in Abu Dhabi.

“We will discuss it as a larger group in the report later and the larger discussion will also be why we missed the rhythm this weekend. It is important that it is addressed, it is all discussed above the table and as a team we continue. “

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