Chase Atlantic announces the first details of his fourth album

The Australian pop/rock trio have just hit sold-out UK stages after four years out of the country. Their set lists are full of new tracks, debuting on their third record, Beauty In Death, which was written, recorded, and released during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic on March 5, 2021. Now, they’re looking for Al future.

speaking exclusively to Express.esChase Atlantic wanted their fans to know that the future of their music is just around the corner, but they will have to be patient.

Christian Anthony announced: “In February we are going to rent a space in Lake Tahoe and we are going to make a new album.”

Of course, this is exciting news, but Chase Atlantic fans will no doubt be looking for a definitive release date for this mysterious fourth album.

On this, frontman Mitchel Cave simply smiled: “When I get out… it will be the right time.”

However, Clint Cave couldn’t help but reveal a secret about the gang.

Clint laughed, “We’re also sitting on 20 songs!”

Mitchell confirmed: “We also have like 21 songs, but that’s the thing, we selected it.”

The band reportedly began production on their third album, Beauty In Death, in 2020. It was eventually released in March 2021. If Chase Atlantic is looking for a similar timeframe, fans may not get their fourth. disc until 2024. But until later the news falls, they will have to wait and see.

Chase Atlantic returns to the UK for the Reading and Leeds festivals.

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