Chainsaw Man episode 3 and anime dub release date and start time

Chainsaw Man fans have a big day ahead of them with episode 3 of the subtitled simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll, with the anime dub premiering a few hours later. Both episodes of Chainsaw Man will stream on Crunchyroll on Tuesday, October 25 with episode 3 available to stream from 5pm UK time, while the dub of episode 1 will be released at 8:30pm BST. The Chainsaw Man anime will initially run for 12 episodes, and it is not yet clear if this is just for a first season, with a second part to air later, or if it is for the entire first season of the anime.

For anyone waiting for the new Chainsaw Man releases this week, here are the release times for Episode 3 and the Crunchyroll dub…

Chainsaw Man Anime Episode 3 Release (Subtitled): 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern, 5pm BST and 6pm CEST on Tuesday 25 October

Chainsaw Man anime dub episode 1 release: 12pm Pacific Time, 3pm Eastern Time, 8pm BST and 9pm CEST on Tuesday 25th October

If you want to tune in to the Chainsaw Man anime, you need to sign up for one of the paid plans.

Crunchyroll previously allowed users on its ad-supported plan to watch new episodes of simulcast shows, but that changed over the summer.

So now you’ll need to sign up for one of the paid plans that start from £4.99 per month.

All of these plans include 14-day free trials, so if you want to try Crunchyroll without paying a dime, you can use it to watch for free.

The next Chainsaw Man episode 3 release comes on the heels of episode 2, Arrival in Tokyo.

Here’s a synopsis of the most recent episode of Chainsaw Man in case you missed it…

After being stopped by Makima, one of the Public Security Demon Hunters, Denji falls head over heels for her thanks to her suggestive advances.

Wishing to team up with Makima, Denji arrives at the Devil Hunters headquarters in Tokyo and is introduced to Aki Hayakawa, a senior hunter he was supposed to partner with. But then Hayakawa punches Denji and demands that he “quit this job”…

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