Caveat! Stay Away From This Fake Pokemon Trading Card Game On PC

Scammers are targeting Pokemon fans with a fake online NFT card game. If you or your family members like Pokémon, be careful not to trust a fake website posing as an official release. Despite a compelling name and market, the “Pokémon Trading Card Game” is not an official game endorsed by the Pokémon Company. Instead, clicking the ‘Play on PC’ button downloads the malware onto your computer.

As has been pointed out by pc gamerthe fake website downloads a tool called NetSupport Manager, which gives hackers access to your PC.

Hackers are even using a Pokémon logo for the program file, making it more likely that users will open the program once it’s downloaded.

It goes without saying that running the file will open your personal information to nefarious people.

Hackers could control various aspects of your PC, take screenshots, share clipboards, and collect web history information.

That’s in addition to file management and command execution, allowing hackers to install additional malware and extract user information.

As always, it pays to be careful when downloading programs to your PC or clicking on links received by email.

The Official Pokémon Trading Card Game is one of the most popular card games in the world.

Collecting physical cards has been popular since the 1990s, with more collectors than ever seeking vintage Pokemon cards.

In fact, some of the cards are extremely valuable, selling for thousands of pounds on auction sites like eBay.

It’s another area targeted by scammers, who use auction sites to sell fake cards to unsuspecting customers.

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