Bridget Moynahan’s life wasn’t easy after her breakup with Tom Brady

Dealing with a pregnancy in the midst of a breakup is daunting enough. However, add the element of excessive media attention, and it’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

While Bridget Moynahan has maintained that her co-parenting relationship with Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen was always far less dramatic than the tabloids liked to portray, she also noted that there were times when the situation hit her hard. as she said harper’s bazaar, was overwhelmed with anxiety about single motherhood by the time she got home from the hospital after giving birth. “I walked in and started sobbing,” she admitted.

However, what really tipped the scales for Moynahan was the intense media response throughout most of her pregnancy and in the days following the birth of her son. As she revealed to People before the release of “Our shoes, ourselves” which presented an essay by the actor, the paparazzi followed her constantly. “I had cars following me and men hiding in the bushes outside my house,” she recounted. She continued, “That kind of attention felt like a threat.” It is not surprising, then, that according to an excerpt from her essay published by us weekly, described the ordeal in harrowing terms. “Having a baby should have been the happiest time of my life, but instead I felt assaulted,” she wrote.

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