Brian May’s Post Causes A Frenzy: Fans Convinced Queen To Plan Last Tour

Following the Oscar-winning box office hit Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen and Adam Lambert embarked on a world tour in 2019. However, the pandemic cut their dates short and the UK and European shows were postponed by two years. It’s only been a few months since Brian May, Roger Taylor, and their collaborator singer last performed together, but a new post has fans thinking they’ll be back on stage sooner rather than later.

Brian posted a photo on his Instagram of himself with Roger and Adam and captioned it: “The boys are back in town! Bri.” This is particularly significant since the three of them aren’t exactly neighbors, so they clearly have a reason for meeting. The snap sent fans into a frenzy in the comments, with many convinced a tour would be announced.

One wrote: “Are you going to tour in 2023?” and another added, “Discussing when and where the next tour will possibly start!? I surely hope so. The guitarist has certainly hinted that this is the case in recent interviews.

Speaking to Variety earlier this month, Brian said: “There’s a very good chance we’ll be dating again. We’re talking about it while you and I are talking, making those decisions. Now, it becomes more of a decision as you get older. I am no longer 35 years old and leaving home for two months is not easy. But we feel that we are all fit and well, that we would like to go out once more.

The 75-year-old legend then gave a big hint as to which region he, Roger and Adam are targeting next year.

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Brian shared: “It would probably be in the United States in 2023 at some point. I hope that happens, but it’s a big possibility.”

Queen and Adam Lambert last performed in North America in 2019, so fans there need to pay another visit. When previously asked about another tour just before the last European date in Finland this summer, the guitarist shared the work it had taken him to perform with the Covid restrictions backstage.

Brian said at the time: “This has been a long, incredibly demanding tour. And we have also lived the life of monks. We have worn our masks, we have not met people, we have not met and greeted. I haven’t signed an autograph, I haven’t taken any photos, because we treasure the fact that we would do every show, we wouldn’t cancel any shows due to COVID. That is a discipline of two or three months. So we have to take a deep breath and get back to the world somehow again.”


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