Brian May Talks Queen & Adam Lambert’s Upcoming ‘One More Time’ Tour

After a two-year delay due to the pandemic, Queen and Adam Lambert were finally able to go on their long-awaited UK and European tour this year. Brian May, Roger Taylor and his singing collaborator delighted jubilant fans as they played hit after hit in arenas across the continent. It hasn’t even been six months since they played their last show in Finland, but already there’s news of their upcoming dates to celebrate the legacy of Freddie Mercury and the band.

Speaking to Variety, Brian said: “There’s a great possibility that we’ll be dating again. We’re talking about it while you and I are talking, making those decisions. Now, it becomes more of a decision as you get older. I am no longer 35 years old and leaving home for two months is not easy. But we feel that we are all fit and well, that we would like to go out once more.

The Queen guitarist then gave a big hint as to which region he, Adam and Roger are aiming for next year.

Adam shared: “I’m sure people back home might feel the same. The pandemic leaves you a little rusty in certain areas of your life. It was pretty amazing to rehearse again. I think we were all really surprised that we got on the bike so fast, we were like, ‘Oh! Good, this is going to be good!’ We dusted cobwebs in one day. I thought it was going to be harder to do it again. So that was a real blessing.”

Before Roger added: “Hopefully the show must go on!”


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